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Why Choose



Bill Gibson

"Ameritech is a very measurement intensive organisation. We measure, obviously our growth in sales, our overall volume in sales and our overall growth in our net income. Both of these areas have increased substantially since we have employed the practises  and  principles in the Fortune Group programme. Our people find themselves being more independent to make decisions on the spot.

The most important part of it was that the Fortune Group integrates itself into your business on a day to day basis. Its not a go to class, come back from class environment.

It’s a practical application of “How to”- how to lead, how to coach, how to develop, how to solve problems together... Allow the Fortune Group to come in and prove to your organisation what they proved to ours, that is that they don’t have all the answers but they do have a very carefully crafted set of tools that help people to discover what the answers are in their individual industries."