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Systems Overview

Leadership in Action
Foundation For Leadership Course Outline


Module One

“The Challenge of Leadership”

  • The 5 prerequisites for business success
  • Leadership the responsibility of every Manager
  • Using the corporate Vision – Purpose – Mission to enhance performance
  • Recognising the need for “Values” to create a winning environment
  • Creating voluntary co-operation at all levels.


Module Two

“Characteristics of Successful Managers
& Leaders”

  • Developing personal accountability beyond the norm
  • Understanding the power of humour to create a motivational climate
  • Recognising the Ambition Curve and its effect on individuals
  • Creating sustainable performance by ‘Walking the Talk’
  • Effecting a true ‘Win Win’ atmosphere through effective communication techniques

Module Three

“Avoiding the Major Mistakes”

  • The negative impact of management mistakes
  • Recognising all results are a product of thinking
  • Eliminating the We/They syndrome
  • The professional relationship between Leaders and Employers
  • Providing recognition to people at all levels


Module Four

“The Challenge of Change”

  • Understanding the impact of change
  • Developing the ability to Anticipate, Accept & Adapt to Change
  • Recognising the power of paradigms
  • The three reasons why individuals resist change
  • Supporting people through the change process