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Sales Training Overview

Sales Training - Revenue Generation

Fortune's SALES TRAINING SYSTEM comprises a complete suite of sales techniques and processes that can be facilitated internally within any organisation by their own people. This means that training becomes an ongoing process, enabling long-term behavioural change which creates new selling habits that lift the organisations sales to new lasting levels. As sales professionals acquire the skills and processes in Fortune's SALES TRAINING SYSTEM, they become more and more confident building relationships and trust, in providing solutions to needs and wants - this confidence feeds success in both clients and sales professionals alike.

NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT is an important part of the SALES TRAINING system, and gathers together the core requirements for business-to-business marketing and sales, while PRACTICAL SALES MANAGEMENT gives managers real tools and processes to measure, monitor, encourage and coach their sales team to new professional selling habits.

NON-MANIPULATIVE NEGOTIATION gives your sales team the skills to create and negotiate Win-Win deals with confidence. Most negotiation is manipulative, where one party wins and the other loses, devaluing or destroying future business opportunities. Fortune's NON-MANIPULATIVE NEGOTIATION uses the win-win approach, providing the skills to adjust or negate common manipulative negotiation techniques, helping to build trust and confidence in the client and thus long-term business.

TELESALES provides and easy-to-follow sales training system enabling in-bound or out-bound telesales professionals to relate effectively with unseen clients, through application of simple but effective communication techniques based on Social Styles and selling psychology.

ADVANCED PRESENTATION SKILLS is a sales training program that gives the sales professional confidence and ability to develop and present a solution based on client needs and wants, and to drive through to decision-making.

EXCEEDING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS forms an important part of our sales training and is a critical Customer Service process focussed on building and maintaining client relationships for long-term repeat business.

STRATEGIC ACCOUNT DEVELOPMENT is Account Management at a practical level, providing serious selling skills to Account Managers enabling increased conversion, long term results, and customers for life.

The sales training system that Fortune provides can be customised to specific needs, to the degree that it can be branded as your organisation's sales training with your industry terminology and operational characteristics.