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Sales & Management Behaviour Skills


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the sales success factor is influenced by the social style of the seller and buyer, and how they interact... Effective Management is achieved through utilising Social Styles...

Increase your Sales and Management Skills with the Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills programme by Fortune Group International:

Sales skills enhancement through social styles

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Have you ever wondered why your sales or management communication is well received by some and ignored by others?

The secret is to adapt your communication to fit with the social style of the other person.

Gain key insights into how we behave and react, what we are receptive to and how to adjust our sales presentations or management communications so they become more acceptable to different people - who have different social styles.

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• Audio CD containing 35 mins of Social Styles information and how this can be effectively applied to sales and management.

• 4 Social Styles wallet-size reminder cards

• Booklet describing the key points



Managing Different People Differently
• Understand Social Styles and the three dimensions of behaviour • The Social Style Matrix • Consistently identifying Social Style Differences • Social Style Versatility

How Do We Manage Different Social Styles?
• Discovering what is important to the individual • Social Styles as a Recruitment Selection Tool • Which Social Style best suits the job

Selling to Different Social Styles
• Key factors in selling to each Social Style

Dealing with Tension and Stress
• How to recognise Tension • How to Recognise Stress • Delaing with Tension in each Style

Social Styles and Customer Service
• A Customer Service Process • Style Differences in Customer Service • Improving your Customer Service