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Designed to help prevent the problems of Alcohol and Drug abuse, BEFORE they become a problem.

In association with the DARE foundation and Rotary.





The Fortune Group international provides Leadership, Sales, and Personal Development through effective and unique training system design and delivery.

Because the Fortune Training System empowers people within an organisation to develop their own staff according to their timetable, training is focussed on critical issues as they arise, so everyone recogises the relevance. This system also enables a continuous training process within your organisation, resulting in long term behavioural change. This is why Fortune Training delivers results.

The Leadership In Action programme deals with The 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and The 12 Successful Characteristics of Successful Managers, and introduces Leaders to a nuts & bolts way of achieving alignment, focus, and consistent performance by everyone in the organisation.

Fortune's Revenue Generation series comprises Strategic Account Development, Customer Centred Selling, The PAIDIF Sales Process, Non-Manipulative Negotiation, and Communication Skills - with an underlying theme of sales psychology and "How to Sell Different People Differently".

Personal Development programmes include The Positive Parent, personal productivity - "We have Identified the Enemy - and They is US!" and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills.

To find out more about these programmes and our Custom Design service (based on your critical issues and training needs analysis), please call +649 414 4190 or email